About us and History:

Crossfire Electronics is a privately owned company owned by myself, Aubrey Page. So there is no us. I started Crossfire Electronics in the fall of 2008 as a way to contribute to the Blues Music scene. During the return trip from an annual pilgrimage to Memphis Tennessee for the Memphis in May festivities, I wondered if I might contribute to the Blues music scene by capitalizing on my electronics design experiences and knowledge (See About Aubrey Page) by designing a line of Guitar Amplifiers. I had realized during the trip that all professional Blues Guitar players used Vacuum Tube guitar amplifiers and I wondered why that was (see Why Vacuum Tubes).

I spent months researching Vacuum Tube amplifier design. I first designed a Fender like clean amplifier reminiscent of a 1959 Bassman but with an improved design and better components. That became the Crossfire Model CT-5F6A, 50W amplifier. This amplifier has not had commercial success but the demo unit is frequently rented and loaned out for live performances. Every musician that has used this amplifier says that it is the finest clean amplifier that they have ever played. I learned from this amplifier design and decided that from now on, I would concentrate on Head type designs and that the incorporation of speakers in the same case with a Vacuum Tube amplifier was not the best idea.

After my experience and resounding technical success with the Clean CT-5F6A, I wondered, what makes a Marshall a Marshall? Why are these British amplifiers, particularly the Plexi amps, so popular? I read the History of Marshall and other books and online write-ups until I finally thought I understood. I will not share this knowledge here but it is an interesting, complex topic riddled with mistakes in design and historic accidents.

In 2010, local North Texas Blues musician Oliver White and I collaborated on a British style amplifier for his use to replace his Plexi. The result of this Collaboration is the flagship Amplifier CT-1992. It is a powerful British Voiced 50 or 100W (switchable) no gimmicks amplifier with remarkable tonal qualities. It has balls! See products for more information about this amplifier.

I recently completed the design of a British Voiced 15W studio amplifier with the same tonal qualities as the CT-1992 but with less power. See the products page for more information. Although I am a Blues fan and enjoy designing and building blues and rock amplifiers, from a pragmatic perspective, I live in Texas. There are more country artists here than Blues artists. Some of my best repair customers are country artists. When they play my British Classic 15, they love the amplifier but are put off by the Plexi style front panel and the name of the amplifier but they love the small size and weight. So I am currently (summer of 2014) working in a 20W Bassman style of amplifier in the same case(s) as the Classic British 15. I'll likely offer the combo first followed by the head. Stay tuned.

My desire is to work with artists to design custom amplifiers for their use. If these designs appear to have commercial success, they will likely become a standard offering.

I also do amplifier repairs and modifications to keep the doors open and have an active repair service.